Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marcrest Misty Pine - Thrift Share Monday

Ahhhh - Goodwill stores - despite your rising prices there are still 'finds' to be found!

A mountain of Marcrest Misty Pine dinnerware turned up on Tuesday. All in lovely condition. And at 49 cents per piece a real bargain!

But I restrained myself. Even waiting 24 hours to buy - the old "if they're still there tomorrow then I guess they're meant to be mine" type of waiting.

And here they are! I chose 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 4 soup bowls, 4 dessert bowls. Love that they're all the more modest diameters - helps with portion sizes!

I may go back for some more plates though. We tend to run through those quickly!

Meanwhile some more little stitched trees - these have a  little over-dyed indigo with a touch of white stitch embellishment!

What's been your best bargain/surprise found at thrifts lately?

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  1. Jackie, I love your pine bough plates! And what a bargain! Your little indigo trees make me think of Japanese sashiko.

  2. I am new to your blog and new to thrifting. I bought a box of dishes through a facebook group. 12 china plates and 12 dessert plates, 8 soup bowls a few vegetable serving bowls to match. It had some odd pieces of corelle in there too. The whole thing for $7. They don't match my china, but closes enough I can make it work!

  3. I love your trio of indigo sashiko trees! I love their year round look and I'd be tempted to use them as pin cushions! Thanks for sharing them!

    I'm banned from thrifting til my hoard is more manageable, but I can honestly say that at least 80% of my home is thrift or hand me downs! hmm.... best thrift bargain? I'd have to say back in the day when one could still find authentic Louis Vuitton! I found a LV kiss lock coin purse for $5 and LV key chain zipper pouch for a buck!

    I found your blog through your etsy shop and Congrats on opening your second shop of handmade goods!


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