Sunday, November 13, 2011

World Quilt Show Florida - Drawn to Details

Sally Scott - Towards Infinity - South Africa
Managed to wrest a visit in to the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach,
 somewhat reluctant pre-teen in tow.
(Read that as 5.2 seconds per quilt between whiney noises.)
The lighting in the convention center was typically poor for capturing good photos of these quilts, yet some of my images are passable!  My flickr slideshow here.

I was drawn to texture details yesterday.
Sally Scott's work (above) using zigzagged cording in bold color combinations  - a technique I have some affinity with!

Melyn Robinson - Sabratha - United Kingdom
Melyn Robinson's method of zigzagging over yarn then applique by hand in the spaces formed, beautiful!
This muted colorway is one I relate to the UK. Not sure if it's a memory trigger from colors my relatives use in their homes, or if it's happenstance. It feels softly unusual to my technicolor Florida trained eyeballs!

Irene MacWilliam - You Can't Put Hole Where A Hole Don't Belong - United Kingdom
Color plus texture in Irene MacWilliam's quilt above. The layered swiss cheese effect with big stitch circles - effervescent!

Fumiko Tanabe - Square Dance - Japan
Fumiko Tanabe's ruffle-y F yo-yo's - some type of square yo-yo's with which I am unfamiliar. Engineer brain is mulling about the construction process every time I look at it! She attributes the F Yo-yo to Mrs. Chuck Nohara.
(Do you make a topless cube in fabric then gather in the edges???)

Joanne Reigh - Kaleidoscope of Hearts - Canada

Color was the draw on Joanne Reigh's applique entry as well as the handwork scrolling tendrils stitched on each square. (Full quilt image on my slideshow)

Greit Lombard - Block-a-Day Therapy - New Zealand

Certainly one of my favorites of the day - Greit Lombard's hand and machine stitched squares joined by herringbone stitch. I'm very impressed if these are truly one-a-day creations. How many hours sat per square???

Pre-teen survived the quilt show torture session - whines were minimized after food consumed (chicken gumbo got a thumbs up, chicken salad sandwich a bit salty)
And some retail therapy in the vendor booths when a yard of anime/manga figured fabric was discovered in amongst other Japanese fabric offerings - and she had allowance left - mood was lifted!!

Then on seeing this quilt she said she'd like to take an image in to her Civics teacher...

Shirley E Kerstetter - Presidents of the U.S. of America - United States
A 10 year labor of love - featuring a NEEDLEPOINT (and small count canvas, too) portrait of each president. The maker is 82 years old and says she has room at the top to add any more presidents she may be around for.


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  1. Great choices and fabulous photos, thank you for sharing these Jackie!

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos from the show. Beautiful and heartfelt work from all of the artists. Glad your teen took a pic to her civics teacher!


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