Monday, August 13, 2012

Vintage Birthday Cards - Thrift Share Monday

Her mixing bowl - Pyrex or Fire King?
I'm leaning to Fire King

I was gathering up my birthday cards to put away.
They're usually discarded or used for crafts,
but this time chose to save them with all my others.

(I remember thinking that girl baking was soooo old-fashioned!)

I wanted a bird after receiving this card!

Yep, Mom saved all my birthday cards in scrapbooks - I have them from age 1 to 18.

They're great memory triggers!

Was this gypsy caravan card a seed in my vintage trailer love-of-late?
(I like the IDEA of camping more than the actuality)

This card made me want my OWN record player.
"It must be time 'coz I'm 10, like the card says" I thought.
(Even though the girl in the picture looked 16 to me!)
What's the contemporary equivalent?
Wanting i-gizmos, I suppose!

Those who really knew me sent the Betsy Clark cards.
 And I still have a soft spot for the sweet illustrations!

No big thrifting scores for me this week.
A couple of browses but no must haves turned up.
(I didn't really look that hard!)

I did enjoy this visit to my vintage birthday card scrapbooks!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Jackie, how wonderful that your mother thought to save your cards! My mother wasn't organized enough to do anything like that. Had to laugh when I came to this line: "I like the IDEA of camping more than the actuality." That sounds exactly like me!

  2. I LOVE this post! And I love Betsy Clark!! It's so wonderful that you still have your old birthday cards! I kept all the cards for my children too and most of those went into a scrapbook. The kids also have one box of special keepsakes. More cards, school papers and art projects. For now, they are tucked under their beds, but will eventually go with them when they set up housekeeping.


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