Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bags for Beads of Courage

Back in the spring I learned of the charity sewing opportunity called  Beads of Courage.

Their mission is to "provide Arts-In-Medicine for Children with Serious Illness".
More information can be found at this link.

Along with glass artists to make beads, and woodworkers to make lidded boxes, sewists and quilters can be involved by making simple drawstring bags.

This week I sat down to create my first batch from fabric I'd been cutting and setting aside.
(And isn't that the fun part..selecting the fabric combinations?!)
Now that my first "run" has been processed I'll be implementing my faster assembly line techniques to get the remainder of my commitment completed.

If you'd like to be involved you can contact the group at this link to request free labels (25 is the minimum order, but they sent me 50 - and I'll try to get to that number!).

This is a perfect group project for beginner sewists - Girl Scouts, etc!
That link also provides one version of instructions - be aware it's an all text set of instructions!

(Once I've done my next lot I'll post a tutorial with pictures for an assembly line process.)

Beads of Courage facebook link

UPDATE 4/5/13 - I've created a free instruction download on this post.

Thanks for stopping by - and let me know if you're joining in with the bags. I'd love to see what you've made!

(Beads of Courage logos used with permission)
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  1. Oh Jackie, these are great .... could we possibly make some for an OT project?

  2. They are adorable. I have made them too. They also sent me 50 labels instead of 25 so I need to make some more. A great charity project.

    1. Your blog lead me to the opportunity originally. Thank you!

  3. Do you have any idea how I can buy a bag for my daughter's beads of courage? Her strand is almost 20 feet long, but I can't find them on the BOC website! Thanks,

    1. Thank you for your comment. I've replied to you at the email provided.


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