Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick Sunprinting Tutorial

Step 1: Setup

Grab your supplies:

3 colors of Jacquard Dye-na Flow fabric paints
Brush of some sort (or just pour them directly onto fabric!)
Movable support for your fabric that can get painty (I used a sheet of plexiglass)
Pre-moistened cotton fabric
[and a wash bucket for your brush]

Step 2: Grab weeds
Head out to your patio and grab some plant material that's fairly flat.
I chose the volunteer ferns that appear in my planters. 

Step 3: paint and place

Apply your 3 colors of paint randomly across the moistened cotton fabric,
make sure to cover it all generously.
(well, not dripping, but leave no space uncovered)
Place your plant material on top and press into contact with the paint.

Step 4: dry in the full sun

Head back out to the patio, find a sunny location,
Leave your fabric there for awhile.
[supported up where the dog won't tread on it]

Step 5: check for dry

Periodically check to see if fabric is dry.
(As the thunderclouds roll in and just before it rains is a good time)
Today in the 80's it took about an hour.

Step 6: Reveal

Peel off the plant material and gasp in amazingness at your fantastic creativity!!

(Note: follow directions on your paint bottle for heat setting for colorfastness.
I usually iron it well for heat setting.)

[If you actually try this I'd love to see it.
Leave me a note in the comments!]

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