Friday, May 9, 2014

More Oleander - Creative Recap

Hesitantly, I opened my draft blog post today, expecting a big blank staring back at me.

I was cheered to find these images waiting here. You see, in this last month a hard drive crash and new computer have consumed  my creative time. 

And despite a good amount of backups - I wasn't quite perfect in that backup implementation.

So, I lost some spreadsheet data and photos.  But not these ones!

Continuing on from last month with that oleander motif, this time stitched on cotton over-dyed with indigo, using simple DMC stranded embroidery floss.

You know, working with anything hanging around the house!!

Pondering, too, how to use the Spoonflower printed fabric samples with the oleander images.

And I have a tale about that little 4" embroidery hoop I use...

It came from France, from the Sajou embroidery store online. It's a lovely little hoop with nicely beveled edges and wood that doesn't split.

Late one night clicking around the internet I found the shop online - at that time all in French. And using my high school language abilities I managed to order the hoop - padding my order with some thread bobbins and postcards to reach the minimum international order.

Yet my math failed me in converting from Francs to Dollars (or was it Euros?),and I reversed the conversion factor in my head.

So that cute little inexpensive hoop ended up costing me...



As always - thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the embroidery. I know what you mean about ordering online. It's happened to me too.


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