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I'm exploring textile processes and constructions.

On the bulletin board today

Which means I have great creative fun exploring fabric dyeing, painting, batiking, resisting, stamping, and on  and on and on.


Several years ago, through happenstance, a friend and I ended up in a mixed media beginners class. It opened up the artistic world to me and pushed me far, far outside my comfort zone.

Tree bookcover front

Whereas before, I was more in the follow-on and repeat-what-others-have-done camp.

(I admit that did leave me with a creative restlessness - perhaps a reason I ended up in the mixed media course?!!)

Now I am launched into the explore and create for myself realm.

Tree book page right

All those mixed media techiques of modifying paper I then brought to my experiments in fabric.


After several years of trying everything creative I am slowly bringing my efforts into  focus.

Pirate wall pillow

While working on my time management skills to create on a more daily basis.
The more I work - the more ideas I have!!

Tree 7

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