Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have battled the bathroom for 4 years now - dang hurricane repairs slowed me down and a challenging pallette of mint green and pink tiles have had me stumped for a color combo to mitigate the horrors that only $$$ and labor will fix. Not in the cards for awhile.

A couple layers of primer applied yesterday over my patchwork of color swatches - I think the names of them are sometimes more appealing than the colors themselves, don't you think? Lovely to think your walls are Cherry Cordial, or Warm Blanket.

Hmmm - that'd be a nice career - color namer.


  1. There are people who design colors for products. Why not have a special position for naming them.

  2. When we had the most horrible tiles I've ever seen, we wallpapered over them and painted it. It looked ok as a temporary solution.


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