Sunday, November 11, 2012

World Quilt Show Florida 2012 - teaser post!

Chris Kenna - Millefiori (detail)

Ooof! I'm just back from an inspiring and overwhelming day (yes, a five hour day - not moments like last year) viewing the quilts at the World Quilt Show held in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Gloria Loughman - Fern Pool (detail)
I had a solo day on my own - without watching the clock for my next Mom duty! Deee-light-ful!
I feel re-energized!

Harue Konishi  - SYO#42 (detail)
 Gradually I'm working on my Flickr slideshow of photos - adding in the details and links to the artists (when I can find one).

Sally Townsend Hughes - The Nine Patchers, a Family Reunion (detail)
I'm still mulling over the oodles of quilts seen - and will share thoughts in future posts.

Annette Bamberger -  Four Voice Choir with Soloists (detail)
 Can't forget to mention what a delight it was to chat with quilty/fiber folk and share the awe at the workmanship and artistry of the huge selection on display.

Charlotte Noll  - Dizzy Geese (detail)

This show is tiny compared to Houston's International Quilt Festival - I can't imagine how overwhelming that one is to view. (But it's on the bucket list for next year - so hopefully I'll find out!)

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  1. Love the close ups allowing us to see the quilting detail. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I enjoyed the show very much... now to start something for next year!!great pictures..

    1. Hi Natalie - loved seeing your works again! Can't wait to see what you cook up for next year :-)

  3. Wow, such creative and awesome quilts!

  4. Those are AMAZING! I admire the patience of all the participants. I can barely sit down to sew some simple curtains.

  5. Hi Jackie, I'm visiting from Find a Friend Friday. Thanks for sharing these photos, they are all gorgeous. I can only imagine the inspiration you walked away with.


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