Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lovely old pegs

Booty from the summer garage sale at the fairgrounds yesterday! These old pegs have lovely patina.
Other thrifty finds include a bag of mother-of-pearl buttons,

2 wooden textile printing blocks, several cigar boxes of letterpress type, and a handmade book with interesting paper.
Treasure hunting with friends and a chatty lunch out is some of the best of times!!

Creative play with the blueprint on fabric squares continued this week. The overexposed, too dark squares exposed with a grid pattern were first lightened with a quick dollop of a bleach wash. The red one was then painted with Jacquared dyenaflow red paint, allowed to dry, then stamped with a batik block dipped in bleach.
Belinda brought over her pasta machine and we played with polymer - pendants shown above from our efforts - saved before the colors turned too muddy!


  1. Great finds! And fun pendants!

  2. lovely finds at the fairgrounds!

  3. Where on earth do you find print blocks and old wooden pegs? What great finds.


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