Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Then again...

...maybe the 47-year-old brain is so full of references that everything I read brings up too many tangents to follow. It's not that stuff doesn't stick, it's that too much is stuck in already.

Case in point... reading about Ancient Egyptian burial rites and the mummification procedure. The brain was considered useless and discarded - Sheesh - the mind whirls - what did they consider the brains function to be? the mind bounces around for awhile then gets back to the text.the heart was considered the seat of intelligence heart, heart, smart, heart - and who's been playing with a heart motif at the moment? Arlee, Jude - so off I go on that tangent. Back to the text - painters and sculptors did not sketch their subjects from life but applied a strict canon...first drew a grid on the wall.... yeah, yeah, I've seen that scribes grid at a museum visit - now was it the King Tut one in Ft. Laud. or the Treasures from Britain in NC - and off I go researching that. Sheesh.

At 20 there was less fodder in the brain to reference, I could FOCUS!!


  1. YES those tangents are the fascinating part of it all :} I look for something while i'm researching, or start something with a needle and they both go wandering off where they want. Isn't it great? :}

  2. Yeah it is all great! And I love the musing wanderings of the brain. Just trying to reign it all in a bit so I can meet the class schedule!

  3. The Greeks considered the brain a radiator - they thought its sole purpose was to vent heat from the body.

    Since you asked.



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