Monday, June 10, 2013

Disney Castle - Mary Blair style

I can't take any credit for designing this wall hanging.

I've adapted it from Tyler Dumas' artwork used in  Disney Parks merchandise this spring.

He was inspired by Disney Legend Mary Blair and said to Disney Parks blog Steven Miller:

“The poster was inspired by [Mary Blair's] beautiful use of color and geometric shapes,” explained Tyler. “I thought it would be interesting if the castle was constructed out of children’s wood building blocks. Some blocks develop a worn feel after years of play, so you have the bright colors with the texture of the wood coming through.

I've always loved Mary Blair's style and Tyler's poster screamed QUILT! to me - and even more precisely Modern style quilt wall hanging.

This weekend I completed the basic piecing - using the fused to interfacing technique similar to the one found here. The individual blocks were simple squares or half-square triangle assemblies. The turrets I paper pieced (first time with that technique!)

 Now I have some fiddly bits to do, applique-ing the turret flags, clock circle, and entrance doorway.

Then comes a bit of decision making...

  • do I add the text or not (and how?)
  • do I add the year or not (I'd stitch this freehand)
  • what quilting should I do (I'm leaning to vertical lines only)
Regardless, I'm pleased to progress so quickly on this and LOVE my fabric choices with a bit of texture to them.

Right, now off to update my project ticker!

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  1. Wow, I'm always amazed by the different ways and places quilters find inspiration. This is great.

  2. That is fantastic!1 love the bright colours too!!

  3. Love it!! so bright and fun!!

  4. First... I LOVE what you have done and can see it being a great memory of your trip to Disney... I love Mickey and Minnie too ... we usually do the cruises though :) As far as quilting... I would outline each shape 1/4" in and around the outside edges top and bottom and add the year in blue Disney script then quilt around it to show it off! You will have this as a family keepsake and could even add future trips with a fabric marker if you wanted! How fun! Anyway... I love it! lol Kathi

  5. This is wonderful. I like it just as it is so I'd probably go for simple straight lines but I think whatever you choose will look great :)

  6. Isn't it great where we find our inspiration! Well done, its beautiful!

  7. So much fun! Great project!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    Ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  8. That looks wonderful! The textured fabrics really do add a little something more to the design.

    And yes, inspiration strikes all over the place, I've found. :)

  9. WOW Jackie, it looks amazing! Love how you turned the poster into a quilt. It will be a great wallhanging. I would probably skip the text and then just quilt it simply with straight lines.

  10. Love the colours and the inspiration! I would be inclined not to add any text on the front and keep it really minimal - maybe you could include it on the back. Straight line quilting would be perfect, or maybe Angela Walters style woodgrain quilting (google it and you will see what I mean) - a blending thread would still be subtle but fit in with your inspiration poster.

  11. You saw a pic and made it your own out of fabric!! The best kind of sewing! I love the colors and the angles and edges are so much fun to look at in this quilt!

  12. Wonderful project, love the colors. I would keep the quilting simple. I like Adrianne's idea of wood grain.

  13. What a great job and I love how you came to this design. I agree on keeping the quilting simple but think I might like to see the year or something in up the upper left. I like the white space but feel I'd like just a hint of something there. But once it is quilted that could change of course!

  14. wow, lovely! I vote for no text... I like how yours is not the literal interpretation of the inspiration. Great job!

    I am stopping by from the WIP post, hop by if you get a chance!

  15. Love the inspiration and the quilt.

  16. visiting from sew darn crafty. Very cool

  17. Hi Jackie, I love what you did with my castle art. The different textures on the fabric are great!

  18. Thanks, Tyler - glad to have your work as inspiration!


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