Monday, August 20, 2012

Aqua Blue Rotary Phone - it works! - Thrift Share Monday

Japan kitschy cats - salt and pepper shakers

Sheesh - these are little cutie cat salt and pepper shakers. Complete with glitzy poofs on their heads.
Vintage when, do you suppose? 50's? 60's? 70's?

Bell System aqua blue rotary phone

THIS has to be one of the most fun finds of late! And it works!!
Everyone responds to it with such delight.
And oh! the stories that get triggered by it!

From dangling the handset to untangle the cord,
to tricks played with taping down the hook, or removing the mouthpiece.

My daughter had never tried out a rotary dial before -
 the slowness made her appreciate speed dialing modern gizmos.

That COLOR! Ooo - delightful. 
My recollection is that you didn't own your phone, but rented it from the phone company.
And to get anything other than beige or black cost extra!

It's made to last - heavy duty metal parts inside.
Condition is fairly good. slight yellowing of the plastic in places, and replacement parts have color-aged at a different rate. One crack on the front (how many times has this phone hit the floor in its decades of use?) the clear rotary dial isn't perfect either.

I'm tempted to keep it.
Heck - its a hurricane supply, right?
If we lose power we need an old style phone for communications.
Heh heh.

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  1. looking at the dial , not sure that this is an australian issue handset ? nct that it matters, it is beutiful blue
    regards liz

  2. Hi Liz - it's a Bell System Western Electric originally used in New York. So you're right - not Australian!

  3. It's a rare day where I get phone envy but that phone did it. That color is gorgeous! A great find!

    1. Thanks, Selena. I think I let out a little yelp when I saw it on the shelf. (so much for picker's poker face!)

  4. That PHONE!! It's fabulous and definitely a keeper!!

  5. Oh, the phone....! Just awesome. I totally remember renting phones. I guess that dates me, but I do. :)

  6. Oh my that phone is fantastic! I have a red one that I love, but yours is so much prettier!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  7. That lovely phone is a keeper!

  8. I think I'd have to keep it too! We have a regular plug-in (non-cordless) phone in our basement in case the power goes out and our cordless phones no longer work. So you're definitely justified in keeping this beauty--being prepared for emergencies is just plain smart! ;)

  9. Great color on that phone! I've been using a black dial one but just switched out to a red one with push buttons. The dialing was fun for awhile but got old pretty quick!

  10. The phone and cats really are perfect! Love 'em both. I'd let out a yelp too if I saw that phone at a thrift ;)

  11. I just love the aqua colour of the phone. Amazing score!

  12. That phone is so. darn. COOL!!! The color is perfect and I would so be hooking up that bad boy and calling everybody to tell them I'm using my rotary phone LOL! Love it!

  13. I would snap up that blue rotary phone so quick!

    Popped in from the Blue Eyed Owl's TST.

  14. Wow the phone is lovely! I am actually looking for a vintage phone right now but the wall kind for my land line in the kitchen. Want to hang it on the side of the cabinet. Thank you for sharing at Cap Creations.

  15. Just stopping back by to let you know I've featured you today! Thanks for joining us!

  16. I am sure I would have squealed if I had found that phone. Love it.

  17. I love that phone! Maybe one day I will find one similar

  18. Wow that rotary phone takes one back a few years indeed, I remember the sound the phone made in your ear when you dialed, especially the zero. Very cool find! Those cats are cuties! A shopping trip back in time!


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