Monday, July 30, 2012

Attack of the glassware - Thrift Share Monday

Georges Briard ~ Blendo ~ Disney Cheshire Cat
Panda milk glass ~ Hazel Atlas Bar Shaker ~ Japan rooster weathervane
Pyrex Butterprint and Daisy ~ Panda reverse side ~ Souvenir florida small spoons

On our way to walk the beach
(and since we were in the vicinity)
Daughter and I stopped at the multi-charity thrift shop plaza.

One of our go-to messy shops had undergone a makeover.
All the lighting was repaired so you could easily see the condition of what you were buying.
That usually means higher prices!
And it did.

We walked out only with these:

Vintage Florida Small Spoon souvenir set

The thrift shop next door had had a makeover too,
same deal - higher prices.
(Even with their convoluted discount schemes, you know,
Buy 1 Get 2, spin the wheel for extra discount, 50% off this rack only, All shoes over $50 now $7.99, etc)
We walked out only with these:

Japan rooster weathervane china mugs

It was a few days later,
after the beach walk,
that we moseyed around a thrift shop closer to home.
Finding the remainder of the glassware in the collage above.

My favorite find these:

Georges Briard black & white rocks glasses

I'm calling them Moon Phase glasses,
 turning up nothing similar in my search on Georges Briard patterns!

Have you noticed any summer straightening going on in your local thrift shopping forays?

Is it a seasonal thing?
(Or as daughter and I wondered - did the fire marshall come in and have a heart attack at the clutter?)

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  1. Jackie, I get all nostalgic when I see the blue Pyrex (bottom left corner). Reminds me of my grandmother. She had the mixing bowl set in that pattern.

    1. Hi Jean! Aww - lovely nostalgic thoughts. The Butterprint pyrex is such a pretty design.

  2. Those spoons!!! So cute!

    The Joyful Thrifter

    1. Thank you - and I've just noticed the packaging has a typo - calling it a set of 18 when it's actually just 12, funny!

  3. My favorites are the Georges Briard glasses, too! So cool. I HATE when thrift stores get "cleaned up." The dirtier and more neglected, the better, IMO. ;)

  4. Jackie,
    I popped on over to your Etsy's very nice! And what I really like is when they tape an ebay page listing on whatever it is and whatever it sold for...I don't think the concept is that clear to those thrift stores who do that...oh well, the smaller and more hole-in-the-wall is what I like!

    1. I've seen that eBay page printout a few times too. It's rarely a sold page though, usually a generously priced active listing!!

      Thanks for the peek at my Etsy shop!

  5. What cool items! I love the rooster cups and all those great colors on the spoons. Thanks for sharing at Cap Creations.

  6. ummmmmmmm, love it!

    I need those small spoons when eating ice cream. Trick my mind into thinking I am eating more. Georges Briard glasses = coolness. Very nice Pyrex finds.

    Not straightening up going on here.
    All the Goodwills are just as messy as they've always been. All Sally's, always been quite tidy & the Value Villages.. they have their good & their bad. Nothings changed.

  7. Hmmmm - shedding for the wedding with those small spoons, eh? Mebbee I should keep them as a diet aide!

    I have to say our Goodwill's tend to be quite organized - it's the small charity thrifts that have the disheveled look, but apparently not any more!

  8. Hey there, just stopping back by to say I've featured you this week at Cap Creations. Thanks again for joining us!


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