Thursday, February 18, 2010

Costume capers

Costume capers, originally uploaded by jckirner.
I"m dancing a delicate line here.

My 11 year old, desperate for a costume to mimic her favorite manga character, has taken matters into her own hands. (the $100 commercial versions being a touch too pricey!)
Tokyo Mew-Mew, Book 1/ Mew Mew to the Rescue (v. 1)

I am blocked by my internal schooling into what's "the right way to do things" no doubt tattooed to my being from years raised with the professional seamstress mom. (love ya' mom, and I always hear your voice in the corners of my brain with pointers on how 'we would do it')

I revel in the freeform way my daughter attacks the fabric, breaking down problems step by step. Straight lines - who cares! match the thread - who cares. Doesn't fit - who cares - I have a seam ripper and I can add more fabric if I need to. Proportions off - who cares - it has the details important to her.

She's delighting in her comfort with the sewing machine - jumping on it with every whim of creation. Learning by doing. Sharing with her friends, creating for them. Adding details in big chunky hand stitching. Working with what she has.

I learn constantly with the kids around daily. Their infectious approach to doing - their resistance to imposed perfection - joy in creating.

So I dance a delicate line - trying to keep out of their process and just step in with a bit of guidance but not the rigid answer of 'how to do things'.

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