Friday, April 5, 2013

More Drawstring Bags plus Organizing the projects!

Beads for Courage Bags

I had an afternoon of charity sewing with a friend this week. We've put together another 14 or so lined drawstring bags for the Beads for Courage (BOC) organization. (I blogged about this Arts in Medicine organization here.)

Although we have written instructions provided by BOC for the bags, we made alterations because we weren't using a serger. That plus the fact we prefer pictures rather than sentences resulted in this:

Yup! An actual FREE downloadable file. I'm in a big learning curve here - and here's how you can help:
 Click on the above link and let me know if you could 1) access the file 2) download the file, etc. Thanks!!  This is what you'll find inside...

A petite how to in two pages. If this works - I can put forth more effort to making pretty downloads. :-)

Bundle of bags ready to ship

Cute little drawstring bag for Beads of Courage

Feels good to have a bundle of bags made - and I've updated the ticker on my new "Projects Ticker" tab above. Nothing like a bit of public accountability to TRY to keep me productive!!

(I'll be paused on the bag making for a bit - I need fabric and drawstrings for the next batch!)

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  1. yes and yes
    I could both open and download the very excellent lined bag guide.

  2. I think it's wonderful that you are donating your time and talent to such a worthy cause. I bet these put smiles on the kids faces.
    I just noticed in your profile info that you went to school in Brazil, and so I have to ask which city? Which school? I went to Graded.

    1. Thanks, Gayle. Small world indeed! I was in Rio de Janeiro at Escola Americana (EA) - I visited Graded on a band trip!

  3. Hi Jackie, I too could yes and yes - great tute and fab project :)

  4. Jackie, the download worked fine for me! The bags are adorable -- what a great use for scrap fabric. I might have to try one!

  5. All opens, works, and excellent directions!

  6. Thank you so much! I am such a visual person, and I was just getting ready to take on this project! You are an angel!


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