Monday, March 8, 2010

Impulses - and spoke too soon

(Last nights sunset)

(Reflected on the work van)

Being the type to gaze too long at very many blogs (it's far better than TV!!) I have found myself impulsively wanting to create one of everything. Just recently it was Jude's quilt here and Melody's quilt here. Or getting lost in the inspiration from Alexandra's set here from the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival, then there's always Beate's creations here. I could go on and on...

This does, of course, lead to too much spending and not enough doing. And since I've vowed this year to concentrate on doing and completion I've had to quell those impulses for making-what-others-have-made.

I'm getting a feeling for continuing work on this, now that I've procured a background fabric.

And speaking too soon, perhaps, in my last post - those local germs have reared up again, this time in the junior sewist - under the weather for the weekend and today. Will they ever be gone? (Again I head to the Cold-Eeze and Airborne to fend off any germs heading my way)

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