Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Distraction, originally uploaded by jckirner.
A step aside from the color blocks to work on a 12" square for Breaking Traditions Art Quilt exhibit curated each year by Lynn Krawczyk.

This year the funds raised support Claudine Intner's Art Now for Autism.

Our personal touch with autism is Anna, our friends' daughter. Meeting her at age 2 just as the family was exploring why Anna didn't engage with other people. Then following with them through the years of diagnosis, treatments and therapies.

In times of agitiation Anna is soothed by contact with water. From a toddler she was fascinated with pouring water back and forth from buckets and pans, letting it drip through her fingers. If it was raining she enjoyed standing out and letting the drips from the roof pour down her back and through her hair.

Anna is approaching 20 now. She lives in a group home where the rigid structure of the day keeps her content. She is guided to learn self-care skills and socializes with peers.

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