Wednesday, December 15, 2010

But what are you going to DO with that?

"But what are you going to DO with that?"

It's a fairly frequent question from some who are curious about the destination or end product.

And I'm a process explorer.

It usually comes up when
 I "show-n-tell" my process results.
I treat that as a query to understand rather than a judgment.
(or perhaps a nudge that I'm "showing" but not "telling" enough)

Recently, several somethings have clicked together to result in my trees:
  • a desire to create on a more daily basis
  • a need for completion
  • a growing pile of fabric surface design explorations
  • a fascination with 3D constructions
  • a love of minimal form
And I cannot disregard these inputs from my voracious reading/viewing about art and artists:
  • This PBS film on Origami   Between the folds 
  • especially Paul Jackson's concept of exploring  one crease
  • Jane Dunnewold's blog   existential neighborhood with her discussions of limits
  • (and I've just noticed I've lost my sidebar of blogs I read - hmmm, put that on my to do list!)
Trees have figured in my work for awhile - from mixed media collage work to textile play.
(Curious? search  my flickr photos with the word "tree".)

And the pink Christmas tree in the photo collage center?
Heh heh - a kick to myself to loosen up and not get too serious!!

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