Friday, January 14, 2011


everyone else did

Posting pictures of feet - as many other blogs have done.
Here's mine from atop the tower at Gumbo Limbo park - Gina of claynfiber and I trekked there on Tuesday to catch up and do some sketching...


okay - ONE sketch!!


mine based on the above view... a semi-blind contour with some scribbly bits and a  dash of color (colour) and ink.

And the sun that day - appreciated after a completely fogged in morning - contrasted with Wednesday's chilly front that moved in.

Beach and photo walk

This time a photo and exercise walk on the beach with another buddy.

Cold and sandy

There's those dang feet again - okay - I'm over it - no more foot pics for me.


Yellow flag conditions - and warmer in the ocean than the air.
(We took their word for it and didn't touch the water to compare.)

yellow flag

wedding leftovers?

Wedding leftovers?

sky brightening

Returning to the parking lot the sky brightens a bit.

The news was reporting Florida as the only state with no snow.
Good news to me!


  1. Fun feet shots and great sketch! My sketch will simply remind me of how much more practice I need. Thanks for the intro to Gumbo Limbo!

  2. Hope you enjoy the technique. I don't really spend all day on the computer, just waiting for my car to have its annual health check, we call it an MOT here.
    Lucky you, the beach looks great.


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