Monday, January 3, 2011

Used daily

On my desk

Working a bit more with this month's theme on The Sketchbook Challenge : Highly Prized

Items used daily are my spotted reading glasses (yup - I should hoist myself up from this chair and go grab the proper glasses in the living room, but I use these craft store ones instead), my faux gilded mini-scissors, and the digital camera.

Oooo - with coffee this morning I browsed the flickr slideshow from the sketchbook challenge group in full screen -- truly enjoyable. Rather than hunched over the desk with mouse clicking wildly forward I was leaning back sipping away as the images flew by.  Now to add music!!!

Still in tell-a-story photo mode - my other pic of my daily page included the glasses....

And thankfully, I was successful yesterday, in mending the sewing machine. It gave me fits and starts when making cording for gift bags and refused to play nice. Using STT (standard troubleshooting techniques - an abbreviation from my electronic technician days) I tracked it down to 1) dirt, 2) bent needle, and 3) impatience.

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