Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trees 2012

Perched nearby the computer is this creative nudge
"Go to your studio and make stuff"
little snippet courtesy buddy Eliza
(the card from Fred Babb at

Last year about this time I was constructing 3D trees

Looks like I'm making trees again this year!

Starting with batik'ed fleece from,
 randomly strip-pieced together on a felt background.

Then I tested out many of the built in machine embroidery stitches with variegated rayon threads.

(The resulting back texture is interesting all by itself!)

Cut the triangle tree shapes

Added a quick trapezoid for a tree trunk and stitched around the edges.

A forest of cheerful trees.

I made stuff.

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  1. love those colors in your trees, JK - and so glad you took Fred's advice!



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