Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Impromptu Birthday Thrifting

Hefty glass vase and sweet little plate

I had some packages to mail yesterday - my sales from the weekend ready to go!

Popping into a thrift shop was not on my to-do list - intending instead a relaxing day sorting out my sewing/craft room.

But my lovely family brought me a big bunch of flowers that were beyond any vase capacity in house.

So I HAD to go to Goodwill next door to the post office to get a bigger vase, didn't I?

Ceramic textured lamp

I don't usually look at the housegoods too much anymore. I'm decluttering my  home first, but something kept drawing me into this lamp.

Its texture reminded me of sand dollars - and it was quite big - a scale proper for my bedside.
Heavy too.

But the clincher was the price...

Ceramic textured vase

I tested it at the store - it's a 3-way switch, and it works just fine.
I'm curious - how old is it? There's no makers mark and the plug is older in style, say 60's or 70's perhaps.

Now to research lampshades and how to get the color/texture/scale just right!!

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  1. That is a GREAT lamp...LOVE IT!!!!

    1. Thank you, Heather - I'm delighted with it!

  2. Jackie, sweet finds! You've inspired me - a new thrift store opened up near my home last month, and I still haven't stopped in. That changes next week!

    1. Enjoy the hunt, Jean! It's amazing the array of goodies you can find there.

  3. That lamp is GORGEOUS! No better way to spend a birthday than a relaxing day of thrifting...seriously ;)

  4. Oh Jackie, I LOVE that lamp! What a find!


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