Monday, November 21, 2011

All Day Thrifting - Thrift Share Monday

Blue's Clues water toy, Winnie the Pooh latch hook kit, Mickey n Minnie corn holders

Saturday was a 6 thrift shop, all day treasure hunting excursion!
Daughter along - so bright character items came home too.

Tablecloths: Yellow and purple flower mod , pulled work white linen, bright floral Japan

Several big tablecloths turned up too. The white linen pulled work cloth is gorgeous - haven't found a stain on it yet, surprisingly. 

Anchor Hocking Garden Meadows oval plate, Sylvania Magic Cubes, Shiny Brite ornament box

Tucked inside that vintage Shiny Brite ornament box were these Sylvania Magic Cube flash bulbs. Remember them? Instant 70's nostalgia. The Anchor Hocking Garden Meadows plate is in lovely condition. 

Mystery teapot, Royal Adderley tartan cup/saucer, Royal Albert flower of month November mug

I recognize this teapot design but there are no marks and I'm drawing a complete blank. Help me i.d. this if you can. (My eyes are blurred from scanning 1000's of teapot images on ebay!!

We always grab the 25cent silverplate items in the silver ware tubs. There's knowledge learned researching every item!!

Fun nibbles were available at several of the thrifts celebrating their birthday's or other events.
Birthday cake - italian pastries from neighboring businesses - sips of cider.

Did we find anything we're keeping?

A Monty Python DVD set for me
a creativity notebook and prompt card set to share with my Odd Tuesday creative group
and Pokemon vintage game gear for the daughter.
(She's so proud of picking the Nintendo Game Boy Color and the Pokedex out of 50 cent grab bags!!)

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  1. I recently found a Meadow Green 8x8 pan. LOve that pattern.

  2. That yellow & purple flower tablecloth is fly! Nice find!

  3. lots of good things!! thanks for linking up!

  4. I was thrift loving every word with yo and then got distracted. Odd Tuesday? I want to hear more about that group!

  5. Hiya Dogsmom!

    Odd Tuesday is my local group of creative friends. We started getting together at my home during the summer on odd-numbered Tuesdays to try new techniques together. (fabric painting, dyeing, etc) This branched out into hosting at each others homes and sharing inspirations (magazines, websites, videos) and struggles in our own artwork. (and solving all the worlds' problems, book reviews, general chatter and food sharing)
    We'll try anything - drawing, pottery, papermaking, etc!


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