Monday, August 27, 2012

It's a keeper - Thrift Share Monday

Nautical ship and compass cordial glasses

I might have jinxed us last week
 when in tongue in cheek fashion
 I justified keeping my aqua rotary phone as a hurricane supply.

(Many thanks to Rhoda and Caps Creations for featuring my find!)

Brass tones:
Swan letter rack/toast rack
Horse figure and Pyrex coffee carafe

Lo and behold
a better part of last week and all the weekend spent watching Tropical Storm Isaac
and topping up the storm supplies.

Sequestered inside all weekend with rain and bluster.
Thankful the storm veered west.
This morning - still blustery and school's are out for the day.

Georges Briard enamel pot

Quick thrift stops still pictured in the errands for the week, despite the gotta' do list.
The big enamel pot above comes in as a lost $2 gamble...
I saw the Georges Briard name under all the grime
but once cleaned up I discover most of the graphics are damaged.
It's destined for storage.
Anyone want it?

This, however, is my gasp/yelp item of the week.
And it's stays with me!

Completely delightful carved shorebird
Double ended.

And you know the price was part of the appeal!!
(Hint: no that was not $202, nor $20.2)

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