Monday, October 22, 2012

Vintage McCoy, perhaps - Thrift Share Monday

I thought it was an egg cup at first.
But further pondering decided it's a planter!

Humpty Dumpty McCoy planter

Marked Humpty Dumpty and USA on one side, online querying suggests it's unmarked McCoy.
Cute as a button!
Color looks late '30's early '40's dusty pink.

Humpty Dumpty McCoy planter - USA

That was my vintage for resale find.

The rest of my pickings - the wire clutter busting shelf and the selection of fluff novels - those'll all stick around  here for a bit!

Are your thrifty picks getting less and less as the holiday season approaches?

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  1. I love your little planter! I keep waiting for my thrifting to taper off, but so far it hasn't. Like you, though, I've been picking up a lot of novels lately!


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