Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back in a Bit

Soaking up some different terrain this week. Visiting the relatives in North Carolina while daughter is on Spring Break. Pics will return when I'm back home and hooked up to my computer!
Enjoyed the morning today exploring the trails around North Carolina Museum of Art ( There's sculpture to be found in the park there. Enjoyed Chris Drury's Cloud Chamber and watched an artist ( and installing paint tattoos on the 1.5 miles of walking trails nearby. More works were seen, but I'm too lazy to pop downstairs and read my notes!!
I'm certainly the wanderlust this year. Feeling bored of the suburbs after 9 years at home playing Mom - this year has resulted in monthly forays away. I'm eternally grateful that circumstances have allowed me to be home with my daughter while she grows up. This artful life has gained me insight into what still feels like a transition phase - from corporate work to home life to ???

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