Monday, May 14, 2012

Housewares and Textiles - Thrift Share Monday

Sheffield Sipelia stainless, Towle Nordic knife

Zeroing in on household goods and textiles, lately.

My focus has narrowed on my thrifty treasure hunts. Shopping is quick, tucked into my little out and abouts around town.

I sift briefly through the cutlery bins - waiting for quality pieces and shapes to catch my eye.
Some to upgrade my bits and pieces I have on hand (kitchen garbage disposalls have voracious cutlery appetites!), others to offer for sale.

Above - the petal shaped knives have me intrigued. Are they a special purpose knife, a fish knife or a uniquely shaped dinner knife?

And the lonely Towle stainless Nordic knife, picked up for its modern design, I discover it was  manufactured briefly in the late 1980's. Will I ever find any more?

(I've been known to haunt the Goodwill on a daily basis hoping a completing piece will pop up for sale.)

Fire King BC large serving bowl

It is the vintage household goods that get my attention.
Vintage being anything 20 years or older.
Or prior to 1993! Which, to me, doesn't feel that old.

I'm loving the rustic shape of this BC promo Fire King serving bowl.
It has the coarse hewn bumps as if it were carved from stone like in Johnny Hart's comic strip BC!!
And, heck, it just made me laugh!

Should it stay or should it go, now?
(Heh heh - channeling The Clash song there!)

Gold frame, ombre needlepoint swatch

This textile, however, is staying! Tucked in between some dirt spotted cross-stitch discards was this  cheerful ombre bargello needlepoint swatch.
I have plans for this.
In process.
Intending not to stall until it's completed!

On my thrift watch list:

Frames for ridiculously priced 4x6 photos from a recent Disney excursion.

No, not this picture.
Which I HAD to buy,
'coz it was my daughters first brave trip
 down Splash Mountain at Walt DisneyWorld's Magic Kingdom.

(We did buy the ridiculously priced matching frame for this one.)


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  1. Hi Jackie, I love the petal shaped knifes. That is an awesome find. I am new to thrift store shopping myself. I enjoy it.

    1. Hi Aiesha, Oh - beware the thrift shopping addiction! I love it and my daughter has caught the bug, too. (She has quite the eye for lovely things - I'm jealous!)

  2. Awesome (ridiculously priced) pic from Disney! I will probably be a fellow sucker when it's my girls' turn.
    The BC fire king dish is awesome!

    1. Hi Steph - sometimes the (ridiculously priced) vacation pics are the only way we get the whole family in one photo!

      Have fun with your girls...

  3. I love the shape of those knives - very Nordic. They remind me of the Dansk line of cutlery (that I covet but cannot afford)!

    1. Thanks, Lana. They do have that graceful clean lines of the Dansk!

  4. That flatware is amazing! I've never seen anything quite like it. Lovely!

    Great finds!!



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