Thursday, May 22, 2008

On the worktable

I'm inspired to finish some old things. Maybe as a procrastination event away from a few new art projects that I'm struggling through. Maybe because it's just plain fun!!

The cross-stitch above was completed years ago. A freebie design from
The fabrics collected bit by bit - not really with the intention of this piece, except perhaps the border cross fabric. (yep it's metallic, yep it's slippery and loose woven, yep it's a pain in the you-know to work with - hence some of the procrastination)

Didn't do much with the quilting - just enough to hold it together. It works just fine.

A friend and I got together on our Wednesday Make Something Day - to make simple scrap catchers for next to the machine. Love that fabric. Found at a garage sale recently.

That lining fabric with the script alphabet links me back to when I arrived in the US at the start of 4th grade. Back in the UK I had done my schoolwork in ink - fountain pen - or rather cartridge pen. Proud I was to have improved my handwriting enough to be "graduated" to writing in "joined-up writing" (cursive) and using the pen. I was perplexed to arrive in my first US classroom to see everyone using pencil. And they were warming up to practising cursive by scribbling ovals, then writing row after row of this lettering - training to make everyone's writing the same.

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