Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's a Good Thing

A bit of beginning of summer panic coupled with some great last minute flight prices resulted in a week long trip around the relatives. Travel near Raleigh, North Carolina and eastern shore Maryland allowed us to have a variety of terrains and weather to contrast with the humid, flat land and constant heat of our usual South Florida days.

And rather than a hurried "check off the to-do list" type of trip this one was more relaxed as we eased into the day to day lives of family billeting us for the nights. (Plus along with good company to chat to, there's always the resident cats and dogs to play with instead of the blandness of hotel rooms).

Happenstance caused trips to two Natural History museums - one in Raleigh (a truly stellar example) and the classic Smithsonian in Washington DC. Nature overload had us skip the National Aquarium in Baltimore in favor of a tour of ships in the harbor prior to our flight back home.

It's good to be back home - I think it's more appreciated after being away!!


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