Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hooo Boy...

Hurricane season ramping up - curses!!! This morning I wake up to see Florida in the forecast eye path of the storm. Dang!
Picture above is a few years ago - Hurricane Wilma came across and took out the trees in our backyard, as well as some house damage too. Compared to many it was not too drastic - at least the roof didn't leak!
The storm was fascinating yet scary to watch. Since the eye passed directly over us we had winds in both directions - weakened from easterly winds the trees succumbed when hit with the stronger westerly winds. North and South winds would've sent trees into the house - we were lucky.

We've upgraded the storm shutters and doors in the time since that storm.

So now we wait and see where Tropical Storm Fay will go - slug in the storm supplies, wait for the word then clear off the patio, batten down the hatches, live in the dark for a day or so.

Hey!! At least I'll get a chance to work on my "hurricane piece"! (Pic to follow when I find it!) It's a canvas piece that only gets worked on when we're in storm/hurricane shut down mode... Something to keep the nervous hands busy rather than stuffing mouth with comfort food!!

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