Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School pickups

8-20-08 school pickup, originally uploaded by jckirner.

A Year of School Pickups

That's my set on flickr - I'm photographing my daily view from the pickup spot in the elementary school parking lot. I arrive 10-15 minutes before the first release of the students. (They're stagger-released over a 15 minute time span) Depending on the weather I may arrive a tad earlier to avoid the parking lot chaos. From leaving home to arriving back with the 4 carpooling kids is 45 minutes to an hour. Add in heat and humidity in the upper 80's to low 90's results in F-A-T-I-G-U-E. I'm wiped out.

So I'll admit I'm not quite in an easy back to school routine yet. Still trying to balance my exercising 3 times a week in the mornings (walk/run/swim) with 2 mornings for college and find time to create. NOT THERE YET!!

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