Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Henry, originally uploaded by jckirner.

I like the shadows. And I have new respect for photographers and lighting experts - since I've fumbled around like crazy trying to capture an image this morning.

I have this newly blank piece of wall to fill. I grabbed my Henry wire figure to dangle from a pin in that spot and fell in love with the shadows. That was followed with a flurry of "what can I mount it on", "where's the drill kit", "where's the chunks of wood", "where are those little nails", and then,

clearing out the junk drawer in search of the perfect nail,
sorting shelves in the garage as the hunt continued
fumbling and grumbling with light positions , knocking tins of pencils and scissors to the floor as lamp cords dragged across surfaces, balancing fax machines and phones on top of computers to poke Henry into position for his vanity shot.

Never did find the nails. Hello Home Depot???


  1. All your trouble was worth it, Henry's vanity shot is great. ( :

  2. There's such vitality in this shot and this piece.

  3. this piece and photo is a great success, like it very much!

  4. What a great, refreshing blog. It's not often I go right through a new blog I find, but this time i did! I do hope your DD will make a good recovery this time.


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