Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Everytime I do bindings...

Everytime I do bindings..., originally uploaded by jckirner.

...I have to look up the tutorial on Heather Bailey's site It's always as I'm facing a looming deadline that I'm flinging on the binding and grumbling at the corners. I don't do them often enough to remember the trick to getting nice mitered ones.

Anyhoo this is my entry into the Breaking Traditions Art Quilt exhibit. This years theme is "home" and supports Bernie Berlin's "A Place to Bark" charity to house homeless dogs.

The title of this is either "Squatter's Rights" or "Whose home?". It was a long day of closing papers and moving boxes. I stepped wearily into the shower of my new Florida home, only to jump back, startled, to see a squatter was in residence.

Anyone living in Florida is very familiar with the geckos that sneak into our homes.

I found a 50's curtain to chop up for the binding. It seemed to go with the pink shower floor I painted. (Yes, I really have pink shower tiles - ewwwwwwwwww , but not quite as "ewww-y" as my MAUVE kitchen counter tops - double ewwwwww)

Just a bit more hand stitching left to do on the binding - then some more hand stitching on the top at a leisurely pace tomorrow.

I'm calling it a night!!


  1. I know what you mean with the bindings! I always have to go back to one I've done and check for measurements, etc.

    Your entry is wonderful! And good title choices.

    Did I miss something - you've moved?

  2. Hi Gina - No - I haven't moved recently. This was my experience from my move 5 years ago!

  3. Awesome!! We don't have lizards here very much. A few foresty little guys but nothing that attempts to enter the house. (At least not to my knowledge) I'm personally a very lazy binder. It takes me forever and I usually require a lot of motivation from those around me in order to really finish it.


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