Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not really over a week ago

Or was it? Seems just yesterday that I had blogged something or other.
Slip in some excuse for busyness for me, eh?

OH! A cool front came through. Record high temps to record low temps in one week.
It's fantastic to have the air conditioner off and a change of air blowing through the open windows.
House guests and a 3 day weekend jostled the routine too.

Other than my midterm exam and a drawing class I dinked around with the handy studio sign some more.

Or should it be Arlee's stooodio.

Or perhaps stewdio - that's probably the most apt for me. An art tutor/friend said I was 95% percent think/fret and 5% do!!! Heh heh.

Probably explains why I found it refreshing to do the gesture warmups in drawing class. Eliminates much of the fretting coz there's a deadline to the 'doing' so I have to get going!

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