Monday, November 23, 2009

Velvet and cheesecloth

Velvet and cheesecloth, originally uploaded by jckirner.

MMmmm, some lovely colors there!

A new quilt show came to town and I had a long and wonderful day browsing with 5 other friends a week or so ago. The World Quilt show included 400 quilts and 80 vendors. We had tired feet and happy, yet numb, brains after 5 hours of viewing. Talk about overload. And yet, if that's 400 quilts, what does it feel like to view the multitudes at Houston's IQF?? A goal one day to find out, that's for sure!

My only purchase was the batch of hand-dyed fabrics above, some cheesecloth, some velvet and a square of organza from in Tampa, FL who had a booth in the show.

Mostly, I took inspiration away from the day. Amazement at the incredible technical skill of the exhibitors, and yet awareness that simplicity can be just as amazing. Gina at has started to share some images from that day. I'm still processing everything I saw!

Meanwhile, I have started my own dye experiments with the black walnuts generously sent to me by Suzan at A little gecko was staring in at me as I setup the pot on the back patio...see him at top center of this picture?

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