Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Man Shops Globe

Has anyone seen this show on the Sundance Channel?? I've just discovered it and am catching up on repeats of the initial 8 episodes.

Visually stunning, inspiring travel adventure. Envy producing! Who wouldn't like to travel with a guide "find me the arty stuff"!!

Keith Johnson travels the globe to find artists and artisans to provide wares for Anthropologie. He starts with the tourist wares and researches and finds connections to those that are doing more than mass production.

I love how he discusses the difference between mass produced craft bordering on tourist ware and that which is special, more art, a new twist on what has been seen before.
(photos from the Sundance Channel site)


  1. I wish I could watch! We don't get it here but what a fantastic job Keith Johnson has. Envy producing indeed!

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  3. I just learned that we get the Sundance channel so will watch for this one. Hope you're enjoying your holiday break!


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