Tuesday, December 22, 2009

USA sampler

us sampler, originally uploaded by jckirner.
Grandparents arriving this week, joining us for Christmas. I'm readying the guest room, rescuing it from it's interim status as kid campout/Christmas practice room. (Daughter and friends have a small Xmas tree set up and have been wrapping up their toys to create a massive pile under it. Sleepover ensues with practice present opening frenzy in the morning. Great fun. Great mess.)

So anyway, on the wall is Mum's USA sampler she embroidered circa 1973. Our initial move to the US from the UK was to be a 2 year temporary stay. We took advantage of being 'overseas' and tried to see as much as we could on a minimal budget. Camping was the way to go. On a month long trip from Michigan to Florida Mum dutifully worked away, stitching the motifs from the areas as we visited them. Look for the red dot in the 'hand' of Michigan to denote where we lived at the time.

Today we'll tackle our daughters' room, where Grandma will be sharing the bunk bed - if we can find it under the pile of plush toys!!

Oh, and that 2 year temporary stay? We never returned to live in the UK.

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  1. Beautiful sampler!

    I'm unbelievably excited about Christmas. I just have to start wrapping and cleaning. I'm put the bathrooms off far too long.


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