Tuesday, December 1, 2009

walnut dyed silk

walnut dyed silk, originally uploaded by jckirner.

Hardly subtle at all!

A strip of embroidered silk drapery/upholstery samples originally in very subtle shades of ivory and cream. The scroll strip was seamed in a gradation of 5 shades of the light colors. Yet the overdye is very dominant, the original gradation is gone.

This mornings sun helped in showing the shine of the silks in contrast to some of the walnuts in the background!


  1. the silk really suck up the color doesn't it?

  2. Hello: A quick thankyou for following my blog: you are my 70th follower and I have to tell you that I discovered this as I came home from a two-day unexpected emergency stay in hospital. Such a lovely surprise.

    I will catch up with your postings later when I get my feet back under the table and then add you to the list of blogs I love to follow.


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