Friday, March 26, 2010

The problem with impatience

Now, I've muddled through some days of nurse-care with multiple family members coming down with dreaded lurgies and then repeat dreaded lurgies. And that's all pretty boring stuff.

And then packed and accompanied ten girl scouts on a camping trip - and partially unpacked.

Yet, it consumes mental space, and at some point the need to create on a personal level surges forward, no doubt inspired by too much gloomy wish-I-was-doing-that blog browsing. Not that I haven't been doing creative - with the weather settling down into wonderful Spring-i-ness the front garden area has been revamped and refreshed.

Yesterday, in recognition of the passing of time and having got enough of the Shoulds out of the way, inspired to battle on with something after viewing this
Who Does She Think She Is? House Party Kit
I plucked the above painted/stamped fabric out of the cupboard and started to try out the flour paste resist overdye technique.
Did I reread any instructions from blogs or that Quilting Arts article from awhile ago?
Did I wait for daylight to pick overpaint color?
So I sit with this drying on the patio...

Quite interesting in and of itself.
But the color choice??
Feels horrendous!!

Impatience - when will I ever learn???


  1. well impatience contains patience so just hang in there.

  2. I actually love these colours, like underwater swimming - from a long while ago!

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