Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Musician in training - Brace yourself!

Happy Junior Sewist - new middle schooler - got the instrument of her choice in band. Baritone!
(We're happy that we get to borrow the school's instrument for the year.)

And sporting her Fashion by Flashlight selection (had power outage overnight!) she's infinitely glad to be done with uniforms.


  1. wow- i applaud your parental bravery! my kids have been musicians since they were in the 3rd grade- started with violins (i survived) then moved to trumpets (built on my previous survival skills) then on to percussion. we stumble over pianos, keyboards, horns, drums, guitars and many other things around this house. they are now 3rd year university students- both music majors. it was a good choice-enjoy!
    (also like the cordings and the skull piece...)

  2. Ha ha, thanks Glennis! We parents are brave, but I think the dog is in distress!
    I'm looking forward to many years of band concerts. The hubby is pleased she's trying a brass instrument (he was a trumpet player) I sadly loaned out my alto and tenor saxophones to kids of friends. :)


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