Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And it was a delight!!!

Yep - working at the QBU bookstall at the World Quilt Show was a delight! (pic to follow of Cathy's Team  QBU)
Lots of people to chat with and Ooh and Aah over the quilty books and quilts and goodies...

I had a chance early Saturday to view the quilts on display before the crowds - a treat to view unjostled. I took very few photos - using my time to look at the quilts "live" rather than capture to fuzzy photo!!

From the UK - Pat Archibold's 'The Journey' (presented with better photos on her website simply glowed against the black drapes.

Now here's a detail of  'Deep Bali, Into the Gamelan's Sound' by Yoshiko Miyamoto, Japan--- gorgeous! (couldn't find a website for this quilt artist)
Here's the whole quilt

This is  Germany's Bernadette Mayer with Poppy Meadow - color color color and the perfect pop of green in the sashing...

And overall Best in Show is Mark Sherman's 'Tree of  Life ' - wonderful pictures at his site

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  1. Thanks for sharing some of the quilts. I'm sorry I missed the show this year. Have you joined the guild?


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