Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not that you needed to know...

Feeling nostalgic today...reminiscing about time spent in Rio de Janeiro (just over 30 years ago)

Google maps lets me peer in - to see if I recognize anything!!

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The apartment building where we lived in Ipanema - now sporting security gating - something I see all over the city. The restaurant next door brightly painted - used to be Trattoria Torna and white - now???

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And a daily view down the beach a block and a half away. I'd run/walk the length of this with my Dad in the mornings before school. In the distance the mountain forms - Dois Irmaos and Pedra da Gavea (the flat topped one that was across from my school)

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Ahhhh - mosaic sidewalks along the beach - this is Ipanema's pattern. Copacabana's was more wavelike.


  1. I was in Brazil 30 years ago only in Sao Paulo. I wonder if our paths crossed.
    Sandie from Rag Rescue

  2. Lucky you, living so close to the beach! Why did I never think to revisit Brasil through Google maps? I've checked most other places I've lived. Thanks for the idea - I just visited my 'home' and favorite hang-outs in Sao Paulo. Thanks!


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