Saturday, December 11, 2010

Creativity sparked!

(Click above picture to see the complete flickr photoset/slideshow)

Thank you to those who've written , my trees have been well-received!

It is one of the joys of blogging to get the feedback and contact with folks you may never otherwise have crossed paths.

And even more delightful when an exchange spontaneously occurs.

Ann Miles of  Wild Somerset Child and more frequently Journaling the Journal  felt inspired by Tree 4.
And as a writer her creation is in words she calls a Poem Spill.

And then when contemplating the transitioned tree 4.1:

I am delighted to receive these gifts of words.

(And have sent tree 4.1 on its way across the pond to Ann)


  1. How nice - that your creativity sparked someone else's creativity. They look wonderful sitting there altogether. Bright and cheerful.

  2. Jackie, I am so honoured that you posted my word-spills. I don't know what it was about your trees that so resonated with me, blew music through their textile branches, but for some reason, ever since I saw Tree 4 (then 4.1) I have been writing 'tree-spills'. You have a forest of leafy delight, and I a tracery of words. I can't wait for the package to arrive and will - if I may - photograph it, blog about it (credited to you) and add a new tree-whisper once I hold it safe in my hands. Thanks so much for the inspiration you have given me.

  3. I've been watching your trees grow, and initially thought "what the heck?", then got caught up in them when I realized there was going to be a little forest as one followed another. They are really lovely, what a clever idea, and so very different. Great words too.


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