Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tree 8

Tree 8 at 90% complete.

Some hand finishing left to do.

These layered constructions leave exposed innards along the edges.
 Which I have disguised this time around with some flying wedges.
And will close over the spine with "shoot me now" big X stitch.
Nothing too over the top.

Less minimal than tree 5.
But a bit compositionally challenged!!

Weather wimp Floridian today.
62 degrees in the house this morning.
Wearing un-accustomed layers and sleeves.
Not used to the bulk and find the sleeves catch on everything.
Heating's on now.
Set to 74.
That's more like it!!


  1. Tree 8 makes me think first of a dhow sail and then of that shark in the Red Sea (Egypt) - I have to ask, how many trees are you planting in your forest? Will they proliferate and cross-fertilize? (Now I am envisaging Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' when Burnham Wood 'marched' upon Dunsinane.)

    As for having to wear layers: well at -9 C (25F) I'm into five, though I push up the sleeves (and freeze) when the cuffs get in the way!

    Carry on creating; the trees are WONDERFUL.

    Poem-Spill two re Tree 4 is on its way;

  2. Thank you Ann!
    For the moment I'm trying not to plan too far ahead - that has squelched my productivity in the past!!
    A small copse of trees, a minor woods, perhaps.
    Each one I make brings ideas for the next.
    I haven't played with larger or smaller yet. Or edge finishes. Or weaving. Or mixed media...etc.


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