Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nature Break

Sunning turtles

Ahhh - beautiful colors - Florida blue blue sky reflected in the water here.

Bird golf

A long outing to Green Cay nature center with its raised boardwalks through the wetlands.

Shadow habit

our shadow habit

Okay - it's algae and duck weed

Vivid vivid green of the duck weed (and a touch of algae)

Stunning sky

That's Florida winter in the distance - just a few brownish trees with no leaves.

Looks tranquil? Sure. And it was hopping busy with the Seniors doing their walking laps and clusters of moms and strollers charging around at top speed. (1.5 mile loop)

Birds were pretty noisy too - not bothered by us clomping humans on the boardwalks!

(no fancy video quality here - ignore the sideways camera - I'll fix that later - Listen!!)

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