Monday, March 14, 2011

Thrift and craft and geek

Prompted by my daughter and her interests in cosplay I returned to doing a bit of creative work after a week of absolute nothing in the make-something vein.
That's a Drifloon hat - inspired by a character in the Pokemon world. We spend a portion of our Saturday afternoons at the local comics and games shop for Pokemon League play (and I indulge my geeky side with comic reads and chats with other like-minded adult folk)

This week there was a fellow thrifter/ebay-er to chat to at the comics shop. We traded shipping tips and local scouting hotspots. Like the Big Garage Sale that happens quarterly at the South Florida Fairgrounds expo center.

My last time at the BGS was a great book find day, yet also found these springy bits:

The chippy sunflower/daisy pin is probably my favorite. The hankies were a graphics love purchase. I'm curious how these gauzy hankies were used - were they purely decorative? Seems they'd need to be more substantial to be a 'kleenex'.

Being pulled to graphics again with this Ultra-Geeky game circa 1980:

Game play consisted of MANY pages of calculations for ship movements, etc!

1964 Florida atlas - I can't quite let go of this one yet - too enjoyable browsing the statistics of pre-Disney Florida, just at the start of the space race.
I'm amused by the census stats of my town in 1960, barely 6000 people. That's about how many folks live in my neighborhood now!

And as always - there's a thrifting ooops tale...

Yup - another case of not checking condition well beforehand.  These pages of illustrations are very usable though - mixed media work or frameable individually. (The rest of the book is in much better condition.) And the glory of thrift - it was a $1 learning lesson!

(Now why is that Kenny Rogers song ringing in my ears? "you gotta' know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, ...and when to WALK AWAY")


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  1. Love the yellow daisy pin! Used to live in Weston and Bradenton, Fl. Loved thrifting down there! Now we are in NY and a bargain is a challenge! Lana

  2. Love the hankies my mom scored a bunch this weekend. Love the pins too.

  3. Great finds love all of it especially the pins.

  4. I check books to see if they "are" all dirty and crusty... and of course moldy. lol

  5. Can't stop thinking about your Spring bits! :)


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