Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Garage Sale - Thrift Share Monday

Okay - that was fun!

A combo outing of the Big Garage Sale (BGS) at the South Florida Fairgrounds
a sale at the Faith Farm ministries thrift shop.

What I haven't pictured is the pile of books and a couple other plates that my daughter and I picked up.
(she has a good eye for interesting items!)

It's interesting  how different the BGS is each time. This one more populated with experienced sellers rather than the charity booths and personal garage sale-type offerings. Many vendors were grumbling that they'd been scolded to keep the prices at "Garage Sale" prices. Crowds were very doable and the aisles between the tables had been kept at a wheelchair/stroller friendly width. (no, I don't use either, but plenty of South Florida folks do!)

It's time to get back in gear with photographing and listing.
I've been dragging my heels with that lately! Something to do with it being so gorgeous outside. I'm hyper-aware that the summer uber-heat is coming along with the summer school break with kids around. I'm grasping at the last month of solo time for long dog walks, and less time with butt-in-chair on computer!!

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  1. I love the butter dishes! Lana

  2. Great butter dishes and the mugs too! Wonderful finds, thanks for sharing.


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