Friday, April 29, 2011

Greenery and Wedding Silliness

Squeezing far too much into a patio planter
last weekend

And enjoying the sight of fresh green leaves
stretching to fill the space in their new home.

I think the thinning will occur naturally with the resident critters (dog, cat)
and volunteer critters (lizards, toads, insects) already taking good interest.

Will attempt to keep up with the watering.
Summer seeming to come in early this year
And the rainy season another month away.

Meanwhile, tho' I can't claim to be one of the early risers to catch all the Royal Wedding coverage on TV
(I woke in time for the vows and hymns and procession back to Buck. Palace)
I did get amused by this Wedding silliness hitting the web...

A friend on Facebook is encouraging us to make up a Royal Wedding name for the big occasion.

Start with Lady (or Lord)

Pick the name of a grandparent for your first name

Use the name of your first pet for your surname

and 'of' should be a street where you lived

So, for today, I'm Lady Rosa Buddy Bert George of Barberry
(curtseying deeply)

and he's Lord Otto Crooked Neck of Old Inlet Bridge
(bowing from the waist)

What's your Royal Wedding name?

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  1. That would make me Lady Marie D'Pierre of Kelsey lol! or how about the Dutchess of Wildberry!


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