Monday, July 18, 2011

Hickory Dickory - Thrift Share Monday

NO! I did not buy this. This blurry cel phone pic is a Hey-we-had-that moment that I had to share with my Mum. Thrift stores are fun like that! (Those blue cabinets behind did come home with us - I'll share how we used them later...)

And I did buy this casserole with the Jamaica-something pattern. (LOVE the handle shape) I've been all about the orange this weekend. And, why - yes! That is my daughter's top from Old Navy that I'm using as a backdrop. (hee hee)

A little harder to photograph - these etched glass Nestle mugs with the world motif - I found three of them, and they're quite heavy.

Know what these are???

OOOoooo a set of linen pulled work shams from Ethan Allen.

They were hanging right next to this vintage Snoopy/Peanuts curtain set. That's what I love about the thrifts - high end to low end shopping all in one place!!

And in my excitement - a Thrift Oops. This lovely bulbous drip edge jug has a cracked handle.

Sharing finds today with Apron Thrift Girl, Southern Hospitality and Her Library Adventures


  1. Love your new background. And looking forward to what you did with those blue cabinets!

  2. Is it sad that I would of had to decide if I wanted that crosstitch or not haha. Those curtains are brilliant!

  3. OMG ~ I had completely forgotten it but my sister actually made that exact clock (hook rug, I think) for my parents back in the 70's. Wonder what ever happened to it.


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